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See You at FLXcursion in July!

FLXcursion Riesling event in Fingerlakes

We’re super excited for the FLXcursion International Riesling Expo, a grand celebration of the noble grape by producers, academics, Masters of Wine, writers, beverage professionals and Riesling enthusiasts in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region. 

Sunday, July 21 – Tuesday, July 23

Expo attendees will enjoy in-depth tastings, seminars, dinners, and “all manner of wine geekery.” And on July 21st, a not-to-be-missed Grand Tasting for both attendees and the general public.

Who’s Attending?

Six of our portfolio Riesling producers from some of the world’s finest Riesling estates will be there to pour, present and put forth their knowledge and experience. It’s a great opportunity to meet and talk with:

  • Ernst Loosen, Dr. Loosen (Mosel, Germany)
  • Nicolas Pfaff, Robert Weil (Rheingau, Germany)
  • Tom Barry, Jim Barry Wines (Clare Valley, Australia)
  • Matthias Mueller, Wittmann (Rheinhessen, Germany)
  • Christophe Brandl, Fritz Haag (Mosel, Germany)
  • Maximin von Schubert, Maximin Grünhaus (Mosel/Ruwer, Germany)

Here’s a brief run-down of their participation in the various events.


Grand Tasting, 3-6 pm

The public Grand Tasting will be at the Finger Lakes Welcome Center on Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY. Here are the wines our portfolio producers will be pouring:

Dr. Loosen (learn more)

  • 2017 Dr. Loosen Riesling Dry, Red Slate
  • 2016 Dr. Loosen Riesling GG, Wehlener Sonnenuhr
  • 2017 Dr. Loosen Riesling Kabinett, Blue Slate
  • 2017 Dr. Loosen Riesling Spätlese, Ürziger Würzgarten

Maximin Grünhaus (learn more)

  • 2018 MAXiMiN Riesling
  • 2015 Maximin Grünhaus Riesling Kabinett, Herrenberg
  • 2017 Maximin Grünhaus Riesling GG, Abtsberg
  • 2014 Maximin Grünhaus Riesling Sekt Brut

Fritz Haag (learn more)

  • 2017 Fritz Haag Riesling Trocken, Estate
  • 2017 Fritz Haag Riesling Kabinett, Brauneberg
  • 2017 Fritz Haag Riesling Spätlese, Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr
  • 2017 Fritz Haag Riesling GG, Brauneberger Juffer

Robert Weil (learn more)

  • 2017 Robert Weil Riesling Trocken, Estate
  • 2017 Robert Weil Riesling Kabinett, Estate
  • 2015 Robert Weil Riesling GG, Gräfenberg
  • 2012 Robert Weil Riesling Sekt

Wittmann (learn more)

  • 2017 Wittmann Pinot Blanc, 100 Hills
  • 2017 Wittmann Riesling Trocken, Estate
  • 2016 Wittmann Riesling GG, Morstein
  • 2014 Wittmann Pinot Noir, Estate


Welcome Dinner, 6-9 pm

Sponsored by Eroica Riesling collaborators Dr. Loosen & Chateau Ste. Michelle


Morning Seminar: Limestone Lane

An exploration of limestone vineyard sites, what makes them distinct, and a tasting of the Rieslings that result. Moderated by author John Haeger, with Wittmann’s Matthias Müller on the panel.

These Wittmann wines will be featured in the seminar:

  • 2016 Wittmann Riesling GG, Morstein
  • 2016 Wittmann Riesling GG, Kirchspiel
  • 2016 Wittmann Riesling, Westhofener

Afternoon Seminar: Contact Track

A tasting of how Riesling responds to lees aging and the different methods thereof. Moderated by wine writer David Schildknecht, with Dr. Loosen’s Erni Loosen on the panel.

These Dr. Loosen wines will be featured:

  • 2012 Dr. Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling GG (one year in barrel)
  • 2012 Dr. Loosen Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling “Hommage” (three years in barrel) 

Afternoon Seminar: Winemaking Geekery

This seminar will explore the real nuance of yeast and more in Riesling fermentation. Moderated by Cornell professors Anna Katherine Mansfield and Gavin Sacks, with Maximin Grünhaus’ Maximin von Schubert on the panel.

The 2017 Maximin Grünhaus Abtsberg Riesling Spätlese will be featured.



Morning Seminar: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Riesling may be the preeminent cool climate varietal, but it has found remarkable success in warm climates across the world. Moderated by Riesling spiritualist Stuart Pigott, with Jim Barry Wines’ Tom Barry on the panel.

The 2017 Jim Barry “The Lodge Hill” Riesling will be featured.

Afternoon Seminar: Companion Grapes – The Avant-Garde

An exploration of aromatic white wines from Riesling regions around the world and what makes them so distinct. Moderated by Gavin Sacks with Jim Barry Wine’s Tom Barry on the panel.

The 2018 Jim Barry Assyrtiko wine will be featured.



For lots more info and how to attend, visit FLXcursion.com.


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